What were the first spiritual beliefs?

Man has sought something to make his life meaningful since his existence. When we create a need for something in life, we create another to respond to it. The conclusion from here should not be that this response is an illusion. At least to make a judgment as to what is real and what is illusion would be to abandon the search by claiming that it has found it. This search is spirituality. Spirituality is not religion. It is about finding a meaning in life. It brings to be at peace with life. The person who has spirituality is aware that she/he has a role in life. What were the first spiritual beliefs? The first texts on spirituality are found in Indians.

To find the first spiritual beliefs, the originals of these beliefs, it is necessary to look at ancient Indian texts. Below is our compilation of the oldest Indian beliefs.

The first spiritual beliefs

1 – Existence of God

God is the creator. Yes, the first spirituals also believed in the “one” creator. However, they personalized them by giving a name to each of its features. It is understandable that primitive man believed much more material, needed to embody what he believed. Thus, they turned what they personalized into idols. That way, he could better focus his faith. You know, this is still the case. That is why rituals exist. They are simply portraying a material story of a spiritual “meaning”. They experienced the “multitude” as a way of understanding the “ONE”.

2- The Concept Of Debt (Unity of Existence)

Debt unto God

Because people benefit from God’s blessings.

Debt unto Sages

Because people use knowledge generated by ancient sages.

Debt unto ancestor

We exist thanks to them and we carry something that belongs to them.

Debt unto the society

Everyone we have contact with has contributed something to us.

3- Rebirth

Our soul is reborn over and over again. We pay for our good or bad actions and thoughts in later lives (Karma Doctrine)

4- Belief in Heaven and Hell

For more information on Hindu beliefs and texts, see here.


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