What is karma and how does it work?

What is karma and how does it work?

What is karma? Karma is God’s system of justice, based on belief in reincarnation. I say the justice system because most people who question God cannot understand God’s justice. How does it work? Why do good things happen to bad people? Why are the sinless children in Africa fighting for hunger? Let’s list the misconceptions about karma:

1- I have one life and that’s it. So here I get the rewards for my good and bad deeds.

No. We don’t have a single life. We shouldn’t think of ourselves as bodies. It is our soul living experiences. And our soul has multiple lives. He lived and will live different lives. So, as you think with your matter consciousness, He doesn’t think he has to get paid in this life. He will experience payback in one of his hundreds of lives. And to be honest, when will the payback happen is a very complex question. It can change according to many different variables, and it can be experienced immediately.

2- Karma is bad.

No. Karma is the name of a system. It is not good or bad. It is sown and reaped. There is also good karma and bad karma.

3- Karma is a moment of payback.

Karma is not just an payoff. Karma is action. Our every move creates karma. Karma is a means of reorganizing the disturbed balance. It is very easy to observe this in nature. Nature necessarily replaces something taken from itself.

4- Karma is a law of revenge. Everything bad done to me will be rematched. 

No. Karma is justice. How does it work? It will not be a rematch for all bad things that happen to you. Some of the things that happen are what you deserve from previous lives. Just because you want revenge doesn’t mean it’s fair.

5- What I will do is my destiny. I am not judged for what I will do.

False. Although there is a certain destiny for everyone, there is also free will. Our choices of free will create karma.

6-  If God knows everything, he knows what I will do. And he made me. It doesn’t punish me for that.

Just because God knows does not mean that he determines the results. With the law of free will, what we choose is up to us. If we chose option A, God would know that we chose A. If we chose B, he would know that we chose B.

7- The person can be helped to pay his karma debt.

When the time comes to pay the karma debt, no one can help. The person is alone with himself.

8- Everyone pays their karma debt.

No. One can be attributed to collective karma.

9-  Karma debt is erased if the person who created bad karma is forgiven by the injured person.

No. Karma debt remains unchanged. Forgiveness only heals the karma of the forgiving person.

10- The karma debt cannot be relieved.

It can be mitigated. Higher consciousness, higher will, and creating good karma, and not creating new bad karma, alleviate the debt of karma. A person can see from his astrological chart what matters his karma debt is. With the awareness of this information, a new path may need to be drawn or a correction in behavior can be made. This way, life will flow much more easily.


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