Spiritual Sessions | Delphinus Wisdom 1

Delphinus Wisdom 1

What you will read below are session recordings with 12th dimensional beings who call themselves Delphinus Wisdom.

I wonder who you are. Can you explain your identity, your location, your dimension, what kind of beings you are and most importantly for what purpose you are communicating with us?

We are a group of beings that vibrate with positive consciousness. We are beings who cooperate with divine beings and are directly linked to the Throne. And We are vibrating in the 8th Dimension to communicate and guide you, but we are in the higher dimensions, the 12th Dimension. We also house other divine powers and energies in our light. Your guides are also vibrating with us and our light …

The Divine dimension is the closest dimension to creative consciousness. It is close to the essence of being. By the throne, we mean the place where such information is located, the beings closest to the essence of holiness. But what you care about should be your compatibility with the being you are in contact with, rather than what the Throne is. Think of your guides … Guides are beings close to but different from angelic beings. Your guides also come from the Throne and cause great transformations in your lives. What matters is their contribution and benefits to you.

As for the dimensions, they perform different functions. They are limitless. Since it will confuse you to elaborate the definition of dimensions, it is enough for you to know that we are of the higher dimensions where divine beings are. We are aware of how difficult it is for you to perceive dimensions. We have a difference in perception. That’s why people have divided them gradually. When you divide them step by step, a numerical hierarchy appears in your world, but when viewed from our side, these distinctions are meaningless. When we calculate according to your plane, there are angels and guides in the 8th Dimension, the 10th Dimension and above. We are in communication with you through the 8th Dimension. In other words, we adjust our frequency accordingly in order to have contacts with you. You just need to know that much for now.

Our existence is completely connected with the ‘Delphinus System‘. The name of the source we exist is ‘Delphinus Wisdom‘ which belongs to ‘Delphinus Dolphin Constellation‘.

This is a center that is also the heart of dolphins, whales and other sea creatures in your world. The source of the platinum light is here. There are also layers of platinum light in the oceans of your world. This light is also in you. It is a light that helps purify. The healing powers of whales and dolphins are due to their diet with platinum energy. The purpose of these beings is not only to balance and protect nature, but also to contribute to the raising of your consciousness. You are also aware of this. As you have recently realized the healing power of these sea creatures, you use the sound of dolphins and seas in your meditations. The purifying power of the sea further exalts this healing. It is no coincidence that the rate of water in your world and likewise the proportion of water in your body is highest. Until now, the contribution of platinum light to your world has been thanks to the creatures in your oceans. However, as consciousness increases in today’s world, the rate of dissemination of opposite energies also increases, so our contacts with you have started in order to vibrate this energy with people.

We have main gates that open into your spatial plane from other dimensions. Many galaxies in space also have our own fields at certain points. We have stars in the form of Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Gamma and Delta in the system you are in. There is life in Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon. We use Gamma and Delta to collectively direct certain energy networks. Every time you want to connect to platinum light and use this energy, we turn this source on and direct it to you.

With the channeling of Ülker Uzun Polat and Özhan Baki

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