Don’t eat these foods for your happiness

One of the main reasons we encounter various social diseases is our eating habits. Preservatives, allergens, antibiotics, gluten, oils, chemicals in foods ingredients drive our bodies into disease over the year. It has been observed in studies that it is not only related to our physical health, but also to our mental health and therefore to our psychology. Hopefully, Ehero’s study investigating the relationship between health eating and happiness will give you an additional look. Don’t eat these foods for your happiness.

What are these unhealthy foods?

1- Frozen Foods (contains salt, sugar, oil and preservatives)

2- Diet food and drinks (contains artificial sweeteners, sucralose, acesulfame).

3- Fried foods (Trans fats come out during the frying process. This increases bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol. It triggers heart diseases).

4- Colored candies (Contains colorants and additives. It is carcinogenic).

5- Bread (Flour, salt, sugar are the three white ones that should be avoided. Hence it contains gluten).

6 – Artificial sweeteners

7- Cigarette consumption (It contains around 4800 different substances, most of which are toxic and carcinogenic. Results are vascular occlusion, skin casing, throat cancer, lip cancer etc. )

8 – Farmed Salmon (Contains chemicals and antibiotics).

9- Red Salmon Caviar ( Chemical is added for long-term preservation).

10- Canned Foods

11 – Sweetened Cereal

12- Jam

13-  Winter Strawberries

14- Fast food (It changes the brain chemistry. It leads to learning impairment and lack of motivation. It is the source of chronic diseases).

15- Gluten containing foods (Gluten is the source of chronic diseases – don’t eat for your happiness).

       -Milk and milk products (They are allergenic due to the casein they contain. They contain harmful hormones and antibiotics).

       -Red meat (excessive consumption and processed meat)

       -Refined grains (White rice, white flour, white bread, pasta, pastries. Refined products do not contain fiber and have a high glycemic index)

A helpful resource for more information on gluten, click here.

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