Planetary healing: healing mars problems

We use planetary healing to improve some imbalances in our astrological birth chart. Mars; It is considered to be linked to basic issues of life such as action, defense, rooting, courage, survival, physical strength. We can use some astrological remedies to healing Mars problems. Since these issues are also controlled by our first energy center in the human body, which we call the 1st Chakra (root chakra), the Root Chakra is linked to the state of Mars in your astrological birth chart. Therefore, the 1st and 8th Houses show us the state of Mars or the Root Chakra.

Without taking root (balancing the root – mars), a healthy life and therefore a healthy spirituality is not possible. In energy studies, it is not suitable to work on the Crown Chakra without studying the Root Chakra, and it causes the emergence of unstable situations. Unless a person’s Mars (root chakra) is balanced, he cannot take root and therefore cannot be connected to an upper octave and Saturn (crown chakra). Saturn in Karmic Astrology indicates Mars in our past life. It is the area where we can get information about Mars memory in our past life and see its reflection in the collective ‘now’ perception. Based on this, healing our Mars problems will also heal Saturn, which is our past life Mars.

In order to see the situation of Mars, many indicators such as the conditions of the 1st house, the 8th house, the status of the first house ruler, the position and angles of Mars, planets in Aries and Scorpio give us information about the work of Mars.

When Mars energy is less working or blocked:

Decline in life energy,

Being unable to start anything (inertia) ,

The fall of the libido,

Be hesitant about seeking rights,

Avoiding arguments,

Inability to feel their body and physical needs,

Fear problem (Saturn),

Circulation problems, blood pressure, hemorrhoids, intestinal inflammation,

Sudden changes in food consumption such as eating too little or too much are observed.

Our basic needs such as eating are one of the main elements that connect (ground) us to life. Obesity can also be an indicator of a person’s need to ground and connect himself to life through food, as a result of diffidence. Eating less can be considered as the feedback of a person’s fear of grounding.

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I want to show you in the chart above is the sign of Mars and also how it uses its power according to the signs it occupies. Mars(1) is the ruler of Aries(2) and Scorpio(3). Therefor, it will be in the strongest state when it is found in these signs. It is elevated when it is in Capricorn(4) as in the chart above. But Mars(1) is detriment in Libra(5) or Taurus(6). Because Mars(1), who wants war, cannot show itself in Libra’s moderate and mediating character. You may experience the above problems while Mars is in the positions. Another position is Cancer(7). Mars is falling here. Cancer’s(7) desire for emotional confidince hinders Mars'(1) ability to move. In Graham Bell’s chart, Mars(1) is in Capricorn(4), where it exalted. And it effects the 10th and 11th house. Mars(1) will direct the energy of motion to a planned and disciplined work(capricorn theme) and do something that will ensure permanence(capricorn theme). And this will serve the purpose of life(10th house theme) and will also be a social issue(11th house theme). To learn how to make your own astrological natal chart (horoscope), see here.

Astrological remedies for healing mars problems

According to occult philosophy, everything above has a representative symbols below and activates the above with these representative symbols. It would be useful to use these symbols for activating Mars. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, one of the medieval occultists, listed examples of the representations of Mars in our world as follows:

Sour, tongue-stinging, crying flavors, iron, red bronze, diamond, magnet, blood stone, jade, hellebore, garlic, radish, laurel, nettle, leek, onion, mustard seeds, horse, mule, goat, kid, wolf, leopard, wild donkey. Also, hematite and red coral are in the nature of Mars.

with mantras

Sounds and mantras can also be used to heal Mars. The OM mantra you can sing in the morning when you just woke up will interact directly with Mars, the root chakra.

with sound and music

You can do practice with your own voice to balance Mars energy. The 4th Voice of the basic musical scale in Indian music theory corresponds to the syllable MA. D’angelo reconciles this syllable with ‘mater’ = mother.

According to traditional polyphonic western music theory, the fourth sound of the basic scale, the Fa sound, is represented by the root chakra. The sound of Do, which is above the quintet, corresponds to the heart chakra. These two voices form a quintet and are seen as a perfect match in the traditional system. Therefore, it can be thought that Fa-Do may be effective in terms of balance . You can vocalize with these sounds in mantra exercises. You can make your mantras with this vocalization by using any instrument or a virtual sound production you can find on the internet.

Music in which percussion instruments are intense, drum rhythms, shaman music and music that repeats the drum like a pulse are useful in activating Mars. Apart from that, I can give one of the classical works that D’angelo gave as an example as a suggestion to listen: “Pastoral Symphony”, which Beethoven interestingly preferred to write as Fa Major.


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