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I’ll show you how you create your astrological birth chart. Before creating your astrological birth chart, I would like to brief you on understanding it, why you should have it, and what to do with it. When you are born, there is a certain position that the Sun, Moon, planets and stars occupy, and because of this position, a certain energy prevails in the universe. If this is in the form of aggressive and destructive energy, the person will also be in this form, if there is a benevolent effect, the person will also have characteristics such as loving and sweet-natured. Your health, your income, your potentials are related to the positions of these stars and planets. If we were born in an energy with limited money energy, we cannot expect such huge amounts of money to come to us. Although we were born at a time when health energy was limited, we are sometimes tested for health problems. So there are certain absolute and changeable fates that are obvious when you are born. In fact, your soul chose to be born in such a destiny. Let’s talk about this in another post.

However, astrology is not a daily horoscope interpretation. This is a magazine astrology created in the early 90s with commercial concerns. Your natal chart tells you what your potentials are, why you came to this life, why you have difficulties in your life, how you will be healthier, more fertile and more aware. “What changes in your life if you change what?” tells that. Destiny can partly be controled by human. Occult astrology tells us that we have an affect on the planets as well as the planets on us.

Such practices are completely personal. A different path is followed according to everyone’s birth chart.

How can you create your astrological birth chart?

Astrologers usually create the astrological birth chart with astro.com unless they use a special program.


Free horoscopes> Natal Chart, Ascendant >

Here you have the chance to continue as a member or as a visitor. Let’s assume that you will continue as a visitor.

Click on the text “Click here go to the data entry page“.

Enter your birth details. (If you are not sure about your birth time, you will not get an exact result. If this happens, set the clock to 12 noon. However, in this case, it will not give the correct home positions. In such a natal chart, only the sign placements of the planets and their aspects to each other are evaluated).

And you’ve created your astrological natal chart.

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