When will the coronavirus pandemic end? What does astrology say?

When will the coronavirus pandemic end? What does astrology say? March 2020 frightened us all as astrologers. Jupiter Saturn and Pluto would make complete conjunctions in Capricorn, and hitman Mars would be included in these combinations in March. It was obvious that this combination in Capricorn, which is related to the system, hierarchy and structures, would lead to serious ruptures and transformations. Many astrologers made their predictions about viruses before 2020.

What is striking in this combination is that the planets with more destructive and cold sides, which we call evil, are quite strong, and Jupiter, which is called benevolent and related to chance expansion, is in a very weak state. In short, we encountered a strong downsizing, closure, rules and restrictions in March.

Propagation was pretty distorted. The virus, which emerged in a small region in Wuhan, spread rapidly around the world and had such a biological structure that nothing could destroy it and prevent it from spreading. All this has emerged as a global, mass transformation with the contribution of the planet Pluto. When we look at the chart of important pandemics in the past, we encounter a very, very interesting detail. Jupiter Pluto conjunction!

Black Plague

The black plague emerged in Sicily in 1347 and was a devastating disaster that killed almost a third of Europe. The most striking in this chart is the planetary aggregation in Aries that we see in the 9th house of the chart and the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto is just beginning.

Spanish Flu 1st Wave

The Spanish flu caused a disaster in the world in 3 waves. When the first wave started, Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto in Cancer, meaning there was 30 degrees between them, and Jupiter began its movement towards Pluto. But the first wave was not the strongest time of the pandemic.

Spanish Flu Wave 2

The second wave of Spanish gray led to deaths 10 times the size of the first. It was again the Jupiter Pluto conjunction that led to this major transformation. This second wave was followed by a third wave in January 1919. At this time, Jupiter was making the 2nd conjunctions after Pluto retrograde movements.


Let’s start to examine the coronavirus. Below you can see the announcement moment of the first case in Wuhan. It’s not yet a worldwide pandemic, and Jupiter is preparing to enter Capricorn and conjunction with Pluto, just like the Spanish flu.

The chart below is the date when the World Health Organization officially declared the pandemic … And the scene is the conjunction of Jupiter Pluto! Saturn was included in the conjunction and it took place in Capricorn, which is related to business life, finance and institutions. Saturn brought severe restrictions and rules with it, and many countries have imposed strict bans on the pandemic.

When will the coronavirus pandemic end?

In November, Jupiter and Pluto will make their final conjunction. This shows that the probability of a second wave related to the pandemic is quite high in November. The two planets will move away from each other with Jupiter passing into Aquarius. The world agenda seems likely to change gradually as of January.



Astrologer Korhan Kılınckaya

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