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Four doors forty stations

Four Doors Forty Stations

Four Doors Forty Stations is first mentioned in the work of Hoca Ahmed Yesevi, named Fakr-name, who initiated the Turkish-Islamic Sufi movement in Anatolia. He reports that these were reported from Hazrat Ali. According to him, a Sufi must know these stations. When a person enters the path of becoming a dervish, he must follow the path of Four Doors Forty Stations. There are 10 stations for each door. I listed Four Doors Forty Stations below.

1- Sharia Door

1- Believing in God’s unity, existence, attributes and self

2- Praying

3- Fasting

4- Render the alms levy

5- Going on pilgrimage

6- Talking softly

7- Learning science

8- Performing the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad

9- Fulfilling the necessary things in terms of Sharia

10- Avoiding things prohibited by Sharia


2- Tariqah Door

1- Repent

2- To extend a hand to Pir

3- Fear

4- Never give up trusting in God’s mercy.

5- Reading the Quran at certain times

6- To be in the service of Pir

7- Talking with Pir’s permission

8- Listening to advice

9- Being isolated

10-Being Tefrit (extremely low or small)


3- Marifah Door

1- Annihilation of the self

2- To accept the asceticism

3- To endure every job

4- Making halal and good requests

5- Show spiritual ingenuity

7- Getting out of the ties of the world

8- Choosing the hereafter

9- To know the station of existence

10- Knowing the secrets of truth


4- Truth Door

1- Humility

2- To know the good and the bad

3- Don’t lower oneself for piece of bread

4- Spending yourself in the way of God

5- Not to hurt anyone

6- Do not deny poverty

7- To make Seyr-i suluk

8- Keeping secrets from everyone

9- Knowing shari’ah, tariqah, marifah, truth doors and acting accordingly


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